Many different kinds of surgeries can be used for skin cancer. The options for surgery depend on the type , size , location of skin cancer. In most cases the surgery can be done in a doctor’s office using a local anaesthetics.
In skin cancer surgeries, first priority is complete removal of the cancer. Incompletely removed skin cancers can recur and in some cases spread to other parts of the body. Reserving the anatomical function os surgical site ( e.g. prevention of eyelid, nostril or mouth distortion) is the second priority. Last but not least, enhancing cosmetic outcome of the surgery is carefully considered during your surgery.
After the surgery you will be left with a surgical wound. This wound is repaired in one of the following ways:
closure of the wound with stitches that remain in place between 5 days to 2 weeks
complex defects are closed reconstructive procedures such as graft or flaps.
spontaneous healing by natural granulation i.e. allowing the wound to heal itself which could takes about 4-8 weeks and requires dressing every day.
referral to plastic surgeon