Skin cancers have traditionally been treated with surgical excision. Skin cancer treatment is aimed at removing the whole lesion to prevent tissue destruction and disfigurement, as well as to prevent it from spreading of cancer cells to other parts of the body. Surgery is the most effective treatment option, but over the last few decades non-surgical treatments have become available. These include topical medications and photodynamic therapy.
Surgical excision is still the most commonly used and most effective treatment for skin cancers. It provides pathological confirmation of the diagnosis and evidence of clearance. Skin cancers are removed by surgical excision of the tumour, under local anaesthesia, at our clinic. Large lesions may need admission to hospital. There are also non surgical treatments for management of skin cancers using a topical cream or application of photodynamic therapy. Non-surgical treatment options have been investigated and proven to be very effective as an alternative to surgery. Non surgical treatments have a superior cosmetic result.